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Probart Street Tour

Discover the link between some of the founding fathers and the town's growth and economy and take a stroll through the Red House Inn, the oldest structure in Brevard.

Departs from the Transylvania Heritage Museum at 10:30 a.m. March 14th. and June 13th.

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Red House Inn

To check availablity of rooms at the Red House Inn, click here.


"Our first and only Walking Tour to date was of the old homes on Probart Street.  It was fascinating to learn the history of each home and to tour the Red House Inn.  We are very much looking forward to future tours.  And, as luminary members of the Museum, the tours are free!"

B & S Watson

"Our family enjoyed the Ghost Story Tour in October. The various storytellers kept the attention of all, including our grandchildren, and it's a wonderful time of year to take a walk around Brevard." 

L. Anders

"Today I did the walking tour of West Main Street, Brevard, Our guide, Rebecca, did a fantastic job telling us about this town's Founding Fathers (& all without using any notes!). Can't wait to do the tour of East Main Street to find out more of our history."

P. David